We Offer Visa Application and Information assistance for your Bookings 3000 KES for travellers using Oribi Expeditions Services Fully and 5,000 KES for Travellers (only needing Visas Exclusively). Application Assistance By Oribi Expeditions Includes over 35+ Countries Globally. Take clear Note that :

1. We do not in any Form Represent an Country's Embassy , or Embassy Personnel

2. We do not Promise a Positive or Negative Outcome on Visa Applications

3. We Do not and Are not Authorised to Process Visa by any Embassy in Our Company

4. Visa Application Process is Based on Assistance and we Objectify to Assist and Give Information on Requirements

5. Visa Fees are not Included in the Application Assistance Fee

Our Primal Jurisdiction is to Assist in Application Process & Prerequsites , Divulge Requirements , Confim Details and Documents as Per Checklists , Submission*to Applicable Embassies , Tracking Application Process where need Be and Collection *to Applicable Embassies


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